Building a kitchen

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Dec 30, 2013

A 44 - year - old lady who lost her husband about 6 years ago is suffering from liver problem. She cannot afford her treatment costs. Nikan Charity Foundation has paid her tests cost and bought her medications. She has a 24 year son who works in a cabinet making workshop. Her daughter is 21 years old who is interested in computer learning. She is attending in computer training classes to stand on her feet in the near future. Nikan Charity Foundation has accepted to pay her classes cost and each course costs 2.000.000 rials. Their kitchen was in their terrace with a slate roof, because of raining, so much water flooded in their rooms. One of our social workers built a new kitchen for them and made them happy.  It is Nikan Charity Foundation honor that 10 philanthropic social workers do whatever they can to help needy families.

Thank You! We Are Truly Grateful For Your Charitable Support.

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Name of Beneficiary : Nikan Charity Foundation

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Account Number : IR330190000000103195492009
Name of Beneficiary : Nikan Charity Foundation

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